50th Parkrun #cushty

Those eagle-eyed amongst you would have noticed that my attempt to run every day of October, following the Ron Hill #RunEveryDay challenge, came to an end yesterday.

Managed 13 days, then made a conscious decision that I wanted a ‘day off’ – absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I found myself in the pub at the end of a very long term. 

So although the run streak has come to an end, I do actually have some good news.

Popped to Rutland Water Parkrun to complete my 50th Parkrun.

Lovely jubbly.

Parkruns recently have been a bit of a plod round with Helen or Amy, but to celebrate the 50th I gave it a go today. Started off fast and tried to run faster. Finished in 23.30 – I did indeed start off fast, but couldn’t go faster. But happy enough.

Now off to order t-shirt…

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