2016.  Done.

As we trundle to the end of another year, my mind begins to wander to the next. 2017. But before we put this year to bed, let’s have a quick look at what all the fuss was about. 

2016 was a busy year all in all. Not in as much as challenges completed, this year has been a bit poor for that, but just stuff happening. 

Some highlights, in no particular order:

  • Trip to China
  • Various races including the Milton Keynes Marathon
  • A first 24 hour race, Endure 24
  • A year preparing for Ofsted, including the actual visit
  • A year of Parkruns, including number 50
  • Various gigs, of which Frank Turner at Rock City tops the list
  • Mount Snowdon conquered 

It would appear that having already said that it was ‘a busy year’ – my lack of being able to remember anything else that happened would seem suggest that in fact it wasn’t as busy as first thought. 

Coming soon…the year ahead. 

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