A #run1000miles update…

Rewind back to the start of 2017 and I had this plan to take on the #run1000miles challenge. It seemed doable, it worked out 2.7 miles a day. 

After about 6 months I was indeed pretty much on target; halfway through the year I had 500 miles done. 

However, in July I had the bright idea to experiment with a bit of barefoot running and got myself a pair of Vibram Fivefingers. Which has been great, it has invigorated my running and all is good. The only downside has been the slow transition that is needed. I was aware that my mileage would drop off, but had every intention to pick up the mile in the last third of the year when my feet were more accustomed to the Fivefingers. And that is exactly where we are now. I’m now running in the Fivefingers pretty much all the time (except when I’m on the treadmill at the gym).

I’m at the point where if I want to do the 1000 miles this year I’ve got to up the mileage. So the plan was to put in 25+ miles this week – the weekly mileage needed to achieve the 1000 miles – and see how I’m feeling about the whole thing. 

This week’s mileage:

It’s been a good week on the running front, managed a run every day and feeling good, so I’ve made the decision: I’m going for it. 

There are 112 days left of the year and I’m currently on 638 miles, meaning – prepare for a stat attack – I need to run an average of 3.23 miles per day or 22.6 miles a week. 

Wish me luck.

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