Day 11 – Ao Nang #thailand

We had such a relaxing day yesterday that we didn’t actually get round to booking anything for today. So it was spent chilling at the pool and wandering around town. It was another very hot day, although it was a bit breezy. At one stage the wind got hold of a couple parasols and sent them flying around the pool. Unfortunately one of them hit an old boy who promptly went off to put in a claim no doubt. It could have been worse though, a water polo net that was out of the pool on the side nearly took his wife’s head off when it got blown over. All very exciting!

The highlight of the day was stopping at a little street stall and buying some beautiful banana pancakes. Although, we did have a piece of advice for a Thai woman behind the stall: get a bigger hot plate to cook the pancakes on. Only enough room to cook one at a time.

It was hot (hence the face) – but even so I’d nearly finished mine before Helen had even got hers!

Spent the evening in the Full Moon Bar drinking massive beers, cocktails and Jack Daniels.

We’ve booked to go to a few islands tomorrow, including some snorkelling. Cushty.

Day 11 – Pool. Pancakes. Cocktails.

Fact of the Day: Whistling in the evening is said to call ghosts into your presence. Refrain from whistling outside at night, as you’re likely to spook the locals.

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