Day 13 – Ao Nang Beach and thoughts of monkeys… #thailand

The place we’re staying out here in Ao Nang is right on the beach. It was a bit cloudy today. Although, it didn’t stop today being a beach day, with a bit of pool action thrown in. Enough said.

We also keep coming across signs like this. ‘Do not feed the monkey’. THE monkey.

It would appear that there is just one monkey around. Signs for one monkey? That makes it somewhat scarier.

So after tonight’s drinks at O’Malley’s Irish Bar…

One of the cheapest bars we have come across, the walk back to the room, the mind can wander…

Day 13 – Beach. Monkey.

Fact of the day: Thailand has 3,219 km of coastline.

One reply on “Day 13 – Ao Nang Beach and thoughts of monkeys… #thailand”

So let me get this right… it was a ‘bit cloudy’? And? Are we supposed to feel sorry for you? Supping in the Irish bar while we freeze our ‘nads off here in the real Emerald Isle? No chance. I hope you get eaten by the monkey…

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