And so it begins… #runthestreets

For a Bank Holiday Monday I woke up surprisingly early. Which meant it was time to get this challenge going: running all the streets in Bourne.

So it was Fivefingers on, Garmin on and earphones in. The new Frank Turner album, ‘Be More Kind’, was the musical choice this morning. I’ve already listened to it non-stop for the past 48 hrs so it was only right to carry on with it.

The plan this morning was to run the streets around home in the south east corner of Bourne.

Mission accomplished. 3.5 miles in total. Looks like this on Strava:

But more impressively, it looks like this on my homemade map of Bourne, coloured in green:

I must at this point ask you to refrain from mocking me. I understand that I need help.

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