A New Running Challenge

I quite like a challenge.

In the past I’ve always tried to challenge myself to some degree. In the past I’ve completed monthly challenges: learning to ride a unicycle, swimming, learning to play the ukulele, baking, origami and model building, to mention a few. Janathon and Juneathon have been regular running challenges. And last year I ran 1000 miles as part of Trail Magazine’s #run1000miles.

So far this year I’ve completed a few races:

  • Pierrepont 6 hour challenge
  • St Valentine’s 30k
  • Kielder Dark Skies Run 26.5

And have a few on the horizon:

  • Runstock 8 hour challenge in May
  • Endure 24 Leeds in June
  • Rough Runner in September

I’m also considering having a go at an ultra event. I would absolutely love to run 100 miles, but for now I’ve been looking about for a 50 mile or 100 km event.

So clearly I probably need to start ramping up the running a bit. Which finally gets me to the new running challenge to help make the training a bit more interesting:

‘Running your Roads’

Over the past couple of days I have printed out about a dozen or so A4 sheets of Bourne, where I live, and painstakingly put them together to create this:

The plan is to run ALL the streets of the town and document progress by colouring them in on the map. Yes I know, slightly sad. But, I’m hoping, it might be quite interesting. Who can say they have been on every street in their town?

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