Day 1 #juneathon

Here we go again.

It’s that time of year again: Juneathon. A chance to invigorate your running. A chance to pledge to doing a little bit more than normal. A chance to attempt to run for every day of the month of June. It also means a whole month of these ridiculous blog posts.

If you’re unsure about this whole Juneathon thing, give it a goggle and all will be revealed.

I love Juneathon. I don’t always complete the challenge (in fact, I rarely ever do) but I just love a challenge.

What’s different this time round is that I enter the game on the back of a bit of a run streak – 14 days up to today – I’m feeling motivated and ready to do it.

Today was a busy day and I wanted to get the run done and dusted. Yesterday was 7 miles on the streets of Bourne, so it was one solitary mile first thing this morning. Done.

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