Day 7 #juneathon #runstreak

Today was a one single mile kinda day. For a variety of reasons:

  • It was a long day today at school – the final lessons with Y11s before they take their exam and leave. I felt knackered when I got in.
  • Didn’t get out the door for the run until after dinner and I wanted to watch the England game, so it had to reasonably short.
  • On Saturday I’m attending Runstock to see how many miles I can run in 8 hours, so probably best to take it a bit easy.

Although the most important reason was to get in and sort out my predictions for Mrs Marples’ amazing World Cup football competition:

It is causing me lots of stress. Initially I had Brazil out at the semis, now I’ve got them winning it.

Even though we are only into the 7th day of Juneathon, I’m actually on a 21 day runstreak up till now. Feeling strong. In fact, tonight’s run could have gone on for much longer, but forced myself to stop.

Today’s mileage = 1

Total Juneathon mileage = 18

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