Day 10 #juneathon

My 23 day runstreak has come to an end. I didn’t run today. Yesterday’s 50k run at Runstock left my legs feeling pretty tired.

However, that doesn’t mean that Juneathon has come to an end. Oh no. Today I got the bike out!

It was good to get on the bike, it was a lovely afternoon and I had a gentle 6 miles in and around Bourne.

I’ve been thinking for a while of setting myself a summer challenge in the form of a bike ride. I’ve a couple ideas:

  • 100 mile cycle. I’d love to be able to cycle 100 miles in a day.
  • Some sort of cycle trip. I’ve been thinking about a short trip – nothing to difficult – not quite ready for a cycle trip across Europe just yet.

So I do plan to get the bike out a bit more often. As for the running, the next thing on the agenda is Endure24 at Leeds towards the end of the month. A 24 hour race completing as many 5 mile loops as you can in the time.

Today = 6 mile bike ride

Total Juneathon = 51 miles running and 6 miles cycling.

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