Day 17 #juneathon

A lame attempt today? You decide.

Firstly, let me put a few contextual points on the table:

  • It was my mum’s 75th birthday party yesterday.
  • I had been drinking punch, beer and Pimms – quite a lot of it.
  • We didn’t drive down, so it meant we needed to get train, coach and bus to get back today.

Plus a few pictures to put things in perspective:

Ok, so now my submission for Juneathon Day 17:

  • We were running late for train so had a very brisk 15min walk to station. With a hangover.
  • Had to go to cashpoint to get some cash for the bus fare – again needed to run to cashpoint and back so that we could get the bus.

I’ll come back to my original question: lame?

Total Juneathon mileage = 61 running, 24 cycling, gym action, brisk hungover walk to station and a quick run to cashpoint.

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