Day 19 #juneathon

Back on the bike after work today: a big loop of Bourne. 12 miles. A lovely evening for a pootle on the bike.

Had a lovely conversation with a fella at work who cycled John o’Groats to Land’s End, so I’m feeling enthused to try and do some sort of cycle touring adventure in the summer.

It definitely will not be Land’s End to John o’Groats – I’m thinking maybe a week’s adventure. Considering a bit of wild camping and/or B&B and/or hostels for overnight accommodation. Not decided yet.

Another idea is to plan the route to coincide with staying at friends or family. Here’s my first thought:

  • Amy’s in Leicester
  • Jill’s in Edenbridge
  • Mum’s in London
  • Kev’s in Norwich

I’m not entirely sure how far that is. 250 miles? 300 miles? 350 miles? It’s probably not the most scenic route, I’m not even sure if it even is an actual route – don’t particularly want to cycle down the A1! It’s only an initial idea and subject to change.

Today’s mileage = 12

Total Juneathon mileage = 66 running, 36 cycling, some gym action, hungover dash to train station and panicked run to cashpoint.

3 replies on “Day 19 #juneathon”

I like the initial idea.
It’s something that’s probably never been done by anyone before. And you’ll not have to carry as much gear if you’re sofa surfing.

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