The adventure begins in the morning…

I like to run. I’ve been running for ages. I love the fact that you can just whack a pair of trainers on and leg it out the door. So the fact that my latest challenge is taking place on a bike is slightly out of my comfort zone. But that’s good right? I’m always telling my students to get out of their comfort zone, try something new, live a little.

It is only in the last month or so that I have been giving cycling ago. In fact, the longest I’ve ever ridden is 40 miles, so to suddenly go from that to a weeks cycling is probably a bit much. But that’s what is going to happen.

So tomorrow it begins: 6 days cycle touring the coast of Norfolk.

The actual plan looks something like this:

  • Leave early tomorrow morning and cycle the 40 odd miles to King’s Lynn.
  • From there cycle the 10ish miles to the coast, near Hunstanton, and look for somewhere to wild camp.
  • Then ride. Camp. Repeat. Following the coast until Saturday.
  • Thinking of doing a Parkrun somewhere Saturday morning (there seems to be plenty in the area)
  • Then head home. Camping somewhere Saturday night.
  • Getting home Sunday.
  • As you can see there actually isn’t much of a plan. It’s all very fluid. This is deliberate, I like the idea of just winging it.
  • I have done some preparation. I’ve got a bike.
  • Right…off to pack…
  • 4 replies on “The adventure begins in the morning…”

    Good luck to you on your latest venture. It certainly will be a challenge. Hope weather is good and you manage to get a good nights sleep. Look forward to your progress reports. Go Philip go!

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