Day 1 Norfolk Coast Tour

65 mile cycle today. Due in part to me going the wrong way about 25 miles in – the fens all look the same! The slight detour added about 40mins and an extra 6 or so miles!

Apart from that one error, today has been a complete success.

The journey to King’s Lynn through the fens was pretty repetitive, just those long flat roads. But once in King’s Lynn and following the cycle route it was much more interesting – although somewhat slower when you don’t know where you are going. Just followed the signs. Cycle Route 1.

Made it to Snettisham Beach, found a lovely spot for a bit of wild camping. Just by the sea but tucked away and sheltered from the wind. The bears will never find me.

Cooked and eaten dinner, had coffee, and pretty much ready for an early night. The ride was hard work in places – pretty much on it all day except for a break for some lunch and a coffee when I got to King’s Lynn – so the legs are aching a bit tonight. I’m thinking early night and then an early start. Tucked up and ready for bed.

No real plan for tomorrow….except for keeping the sea on the left and riding the bike.

2 replies on “Day 1 Norfolk Coast Tour”

I have a question Phil, I have to cycle across Kings Lynn in a few days time and it is unknown territory to me. I’ll be approaching from the West across the ferry. Does cycle route 1 take me neatly across town to the East side?

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