#project365 #14

Day 14 RED January

After work I headed off to Rutland Water for a little run – 3 or so miles. I love running here after work – I chance for a bit of time to myself to clear the head – that’s the purpose of this whole RED January thing – help with mental health. Happy days.

Tonight’s run had to be cut short, I had originally planned to do a few more miles, but having forgotten my head torch I didn’t fancy running too late. I probably would have fallen in the reservoir and drowned. Not good for my mental health.

It’s been a pretty good start to January – managed to be active every day of the month so far.

RED January stats:

  • 2 parkruns
  • 2 bike rides
  • 1 walk
  • 1 gym session
  • 1 basketball session
  • 7 runs

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