Book 4 of 2021

Well lucky you, yet another blog post as I finally get caught up, finished this about a week ago…

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

This is the first crime, psychological, mystery thriller of the year – I don’t mind the odd trashy thriller – this one was alright. Surprised if that quote doesn’t make it on the back of the book for the second edition!

This one was alright.

Phil Lengthorn

Another great idea for a novel – if only I could think of an equally good idea I might get a novel in print.

It begins in a large house in London. A baby is awake in a cot, happy, well-fed and content. Downstairs are the decomposing bodies of three corpses. Who has been looking after the baby, where are they now, and what has happened?

See…great idea.

I’m not about to spoil it for anyone who would like to have a go. But it is well worth a read. I know we are in lockdown, but, it’s perfect holiday reading material.

Next up: Ska’d for Life

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