Book 5 of 2021

After a rather slow start to this year’s blogging – I’m finally right up to date – finished this book last night.

Ska’d for Life by Horace Panther

I loved this book.

I was a rude boy and very much a fan of The Specials. I had the flight jacket and all the trendy 2-Tone badges. I was only ten when the band was at its peak in 1980 – so it turns out when I was a fan in the early to mid 80s – they had probably already split up. I’m afraid my memory of the 80s is a bit blurry. Perhaps I wasn’t as cool as I thought I was!!

It was a really good read – very interesting.

It has also meant that I’ve been playing The Specials constantly for the last two weeks!!

Also found out that Horace Panter is a bit of an artist. Click here to have a browse.

Next up: Release

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