Book 6 of 2021

Release by Patrick Ness

I love books by Patrick Ness. The Chaos Walking trilogy is one of my favourite ever series of books. A Monster Calls is just fantastic. So you’d probably expect me to be full of praise for this book.

Well, I am, sort of.

In truth I’m still not actually sure what to think of the book…

When I announced I was reading this book next, one reply stuck in my head…

This is great. Bit tricky but great.

So I was ready for something that was a bit different from your run of the mill YA novel. I know what to expect from Patrick Ness, I get exactly it: beautifully written but slightly strange.

I’ll try to explain in around a 100 words.

This book is essentially two completely different books in one. The main story is fantastic, beautiful, emotional, thought provoking and funny. The exact reason I am a fan of Patrick Ness. But the other story? I think I understand the point of it, I just think the core story was enough. I’m not sure the strange, part fantasy, part supernatural, part magical realism, storyline was needed.

Release is a book about love and relationships, between friends, family or in a romantic sense. It’s also a book about finding yourself and how you want to live your life, no matter who your are, your sexuality, or how you choose to label yourself.

Next up: Ultra Marathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner.

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