Book 7 of 2021

Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner by Dean Karnazes

This book is a little old now: published in 2006. I quite like reading books about running so I thought I’d give it a go.

Clearly the fella is a very good runner. I mean, a very very good runner. The sort of bloke that runs 100 miles for fun. The sort of bloke who runs 25 miles during the advert break in Coronation Street. The sort of bloke who thinks nothing of running three times around the globe while the kettle is boiling.

A very inspirational book. And if I’m honest a bit too inspirational.

The book basically is about him running a few ultramarathons. On one occasion after running 90 miles of a 100 mile race and aching all over, barely able to walk, blisters covering his feet, he says ‘pull yourself together’ and sprints the last ten miles.

On another occasion, 175 miles into a 200 mile race his arms and legs had fallen off and he was virtually dead in a ditch before ‘thinking about his family’ and running the last 25 miles at 6 min/mile pace.

Very inspirational.

Next up: The Sanatorium.

One reply on “Book 7 of 2021”

Ha, ha, so true! I read that a few years ago, and he is some machine, that fella. But as you say, when inspiration rises to those levels, you don’t always feel carried along, but rather, left behind.

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