Juneathon Day 22

Only 8 days left. That sounds good.

Today’s run was in two parts.

Part one with Amy: a lap of Bourne woods. Nice chatty 3 miles.

Part two was solo: another lap of Bourne Woods. Only this time I ran it faster.

It was a lovely evening.
Came across this weird sacrificial dish.

Also bagged myself another Strava badge:

Juneathon Totals:

Running = 16 days: 68 miles

Gym Sessions = 5

Cycling = 1 day: 7 miles


Book 14 of 2021

The Haven by Simon Lelic

This is another book aimed at teenagers. In the same sort of mould as Stormbreaker, Hunger Games, that sort of thing.

This is the first in a series of books all about modern street kids living in London in a secret location. It is all about the kids protecting each other, championing justice, and generally stopping adults doing bad things.

An exciting read for any 11 or 12-year-old; fast-paced, full of action and the odd twist to keep everyone on their toes.

Next up: Fifty Fifty