The Triangle Challenge Day 2

Lovely early start – bit windy plus I had to wait until it was light enough to run – but at 7.30am I was out and running.

A bit more red on the map…

4 and a bit miles this morning.

Done ✅

When I say ‘Beccles Road Done’ – apparently there are loads of Beccles Roads – but Beccles Road (Burgh St Peter/Wheatacre) done. 🤷‍♂️

Done ✅
Done ✅
Part of it…
Part of it…

Clarification. This says: Burgh Road (Tar Barrel Corner. Poor sign maintenance from Norfolk County Council.

Talking of poor sign maintenance, fancy a game of guess the road name?


Done ✅

Highlight of the run? The photo I took at The Walks…nice…

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