The Triangle Challenge Day 3

The run every road within the three village triangle reaches day 3. A bit more red on the map.

It was pitch black by the time I got out there tonight. I love running in the dark, I love not quite knowing exactly where you are. This feeling was exaggerated tonight with this lovely little new addition to the running wardrobe.

Technically this was a genius little buy. Firstly, it’s winter and very cold out, always need a hat. Secondly, built in light, negates the need to take anything else. Boom.

Of course, in reality it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Light not very bright – made for quite an exciting run – especially when I nearly barrelled into a couple of dog walkers who didn’t see me coming.

So it was 4.5 miles tonight – not the original intention – but the initial loop I was planning wasn’t very far. So…

Another part of it…
Done ✅
Done ✅
Another part of it…
Done ✅
Done ✅

Highlight of the run? Realising that the noise the train made in the distance was the exact noise that David and Jack heard when they didn’t stick to the path and stay off the moors in ‘An American Werewolf in London’.

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