Book 4 of 2022

‘The Runner’ by Markus Torgeby

Yep, I know, it’s another running book. But you don’t like running books I hear you say. You always say they are monotonous and repetitive. Well…I suppose I have a love/hate relationship with running books.

I love to read about people running and overcoming obstacles in life as they do, it is inspiring.

But I just hate the whole ‘I got up and went for a run. I was very tired. I wanted to stop. It was never going to finish. It was impossible….oh I just got a world record’ thing.

This book didn’t disappoint on both counts.

I loved it: it is about a fella from Sweden who loves to run on his own. He actually went off into the forest and lived in a wigwam for four years. Just running and getting really cold.

I hated it: there was a lot of running and a lot of getting cold. Not so much of the running and winning races – which is great. Just not a lot about his life. But a lot of running in the snow and getting very cold.

Put on your shoes, open the door and go out on the streets and the paths. Run through the woods. Run without a watch. See your heart. Let your blood circulate. Think big thoughts.

Markus Torgeby
Just 3 stars for this one ☝️

Next up: TBC

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