Book 5 of 2022

‘26.2 Miles to Happiness’ by Paul Tonkinson

I really liked this book – I nearly gave it 5 stars – not sure why I didn’t. I’m still slightly confused with my own star rating system!

It follows the comedian Paul Tonkinson on his journey to a run a sub-3 marathon. no spoilers here – although you can probably guess the outcome. 😳

It is structured with paragraphs covering the running of the marathon, interspersed with stories of training up to the big day. It’s an inspiring, comic odyssey of running redemption.

I’m definitely off to book in a marathon!

In the postscript Paul references that time back in 2020, after he had run the marathon, when things were very different:

In a world suddenly tipped into chaos, running offered a means of claiming control. In a world where we exhorted to stay indoors to save other people’s lives, we took the invitation to burst outside and save our own. During this time the experience of running was visceral: I had never needed it more. That hour of sweat offered a startling reprieve from the spiralling panic of the news cycle. In the woods, alone, there were moments when I forgot the madness.

Paul Tonkinson, ‘26.2 Miles to Happiness.

I know exactly what he means.

Next book: The Last

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