Cycling ‘The Aldeby Millennium Project’

In 1999 Aldeby Parish Council planned and carried out the ‘Pathways in Stone’. This is a series of big stones strategically placed and celebrates Aldeby through the Millennia and echoes the tradition of parish boundary markers.

It was a lovely morning and what better thing to do than cycle them!

Visiting the stones could be like a journey, a chance to reflect on past times and ways as we race toward an uncertain future.

The Aldeby Millennium Project

The stones are of Carboniferous Limestone and each is named and carved with ancient Christian symbols and Runic characters.

The Traveller’s Stone

Tar Barrel Corner, Wheatacre

This Stone features the symbols for Fire and Air and the Runic character M (pronounced E) for Ehwarz the Horse.

Stone of Regeneration

Haddiscoe Road

This character which looks like the letter B, sounds the same and is for Berksna – Birch Tree – below this is the Scandinavian Cross.

Stone of Wisdom

Holloway Hill, Aldeby

This Runic character is for Ansuz, a God, and below it the symbol for The Material and Spiritual World.

Wherry Stone

River Waveney at Aldeby Hall Moorings

The top two symbols are for water and earth and below is the runic character for Laguz – the Leek – Lake or Water. This stone is right next to the river.

The Stone of Destiny

This stone should actually be visited last if you want to follow the suggested ‘Pathways in Stone’, but on our route it was the fourth stone we came across.

Beccles Road, Aldeby

This is the Principal Stone of the group and combines all the elements displayed on the other stones. A runic representing Ancestral Homeland is at the centre of the other characters which are pronounced A-L-D-E-B-Y. The lower design brings all the ancient symbols together.

At this point there is also ‘The Millennium Garden’ which overlooks the Waveney Valley and is the starting point for a number of field, marsh and riverbank walks.

Information Board

Stone of Redemption

Beccles Road

The top element is the runic for Isaz – Ice (pronounced Y) and below is carved the Crown of Thorns.

Stone of Dawn

Grays Road

Features the runic for Dagaz – Day – and below the Sign of the World.

Overall a lovely morning cycling around the villages – 11 or so miles in all.

For more information go to The Aldeby Millennium Project.

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