April’s Challenge: Fail

Tarot card reading. What was I thinking?

The plan during April was to learn to read people’s past and future using tarot cards. I’ve never been a great ‘fan’ of tarot cards, nor was it my real wish to use them on a regular basis, the only reason for this challenge was that I wanted something more relaxing to follow March’s the daily plank challenge.

It became pretty clear at the start of April that tarot reading is not really my ‘bag’. A deck is made up of 78 cards. That is a lot of cards to remember their meaning. You have 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

A quick read of ‘The Key to the Tarot’ – the small instruction booklet that came with the cards – and the confirmation it is a load of twaddle soon is clear to see.

The Major Arcana represents life and its primary stages. Readers will usually pick a card from the Major Arcana that best describes the Querent. The Minor Arcana represents the people, events and feelings that every person encounters in life. The Querent has full control over these characteristics.

The Key to the Tarot

‘The Key to the Tarot’ also gives you some handy tips:

  • Get familiar with your deck. Look for trends, similarities and differences. Didn’t really have time for all this.
  • Look at the pictures. Use everything on the card to draw meaning. I read this as make anything up that vaguely fits in with the pictures.
  • If a card is presented upside-down, the reader may interpret that as contrary to the typical meaning of the card. Again, make up anything you want.
  • Look for Jewish, Christian, Egyptian, Astrological, and other symbols. They can give deeper meaning to the card. Again, just make stuff up.
  • The future is never set in stone. The Querent can always alter their future by changing their current course of action. I read this as, so it can all change anyway, so what was the point.

Take the Queen of Wands for instance.

Now the Suit of Wands is associated with the element of fire, representing passion, energy, willpower and strength. But look at all the other stuff on the card: flower, cat, lions, stick, little weeds growing out the stick, crown, cape, weird big cat and lion fighting or dancing, thrown, yellow dress, hills, mountains, etc, etc, etc.

I’d imagine I can say absolutely anything I like and fit it to the card.

I rest my case.

Having said all that, if you would like your Tarot read please send £50 and I will happily sort it for you!!!!

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