May’s Challenge: A Fast Mile

After the disaster that was April’s Challenge, I’ve decided on something more me: A Fast Mile.

I used today’s Strike Day to be productive. So did a recce of a lovely mile loop as a warm up.

Be It can be divided up into three sections:

  • The first third of a mile is slightly downhill and on the road through the twisty country lanes. Possible car encounters but a pretty good opening.
  • The second third is a sharp left off the road and along a footpath that runs between two fields. Pretty overgrown and uneven under foot
  • The final third is a left off the footpath and back on the country lanes, uphill this time and again danger of car encounters.

The footpath bit is slightly overgrown and despite my recce still lost valuable time trying to find the actual path.

Today I did it anti-clockwise and wore my trail trainers, but I’ve a feeling it may be slightly faster doing it in the other direction.

Today’s time: 6.55

Not sure how often I can get an attempt in, but will see how it goes. Is 6.30 as a target too much to ask?

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