A Fast Mile #2

May’s Challenge: A Fast Mile Update

The second effort at a fast mile happened yesterday. The same one mile loop.

Last time I attempted it, I had run a gentle mile warm-up beforehand which seemed to work fine. This time it was on the back of a 10 mile bike ride – far from ideal – but no other time to fit it in.

I have now also created segments on Strava so I can compare the different sections of the run, yes I know, slightly geeky!

Anyway, the mile was slightly quicker than last week: 6.48 (compared to 6.55). By looking at the different sections of the run, I was running the beginning and end quicker, but the middle section – actually along the trail bit – was slower. Although this can be partly explained by the fact I wasn’t wearing trail shoes, I was in my old trainers, and the trail part was also really overgrown. Need to get round there with my shears for next time!

Hoping to get at least six attempts at the mile over the course of the month:

Attempt 1 – 6.55

Attempt 2 – 6.48

7 second improvement. We go again in the week!

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