A Fast Mile #4

Attempt 4 – same mile loop.

Tried to take the first bit slightly easier, which I did, not by a lot, but just enough to feel slightly more comfortable.

The second section along the footpath was a solid pace – it was pretty overgrown so it wasn’t ideal, but felt like I was keeping the speed up despite the terrain.

The third section, the tough uphill bit, was my fastest yet. Although it felt bleeding knackering as I tried to put everything into the last 300 yards or so.

1 mile in 6.44 – that is a whole second quicker than last time!

The plan is to have another go at it on Sunday.

  • Attempt 1 – 6.55
  • Attempt 2 – 6.48
  • Attempt 3 – 6.45
  • Attempt 4 – 6.44

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