Dedication…. #decembeer

Day 7 of #decembeer

Tonight we have a rather disgusting offering from Ridgeway Brewery, ‘Bad King John’…..

I went for this beer for one reason only, I am feeling slightly poorly and was hoping a ‘knock your head off’ 6% strength beer would help shift it. This beer, on first taste, actually doesn’t taste that bad, that is until the aftertaste develops. This is not a good beer and it hasn’t made me feel any better….

So after week one of #decembeer I have the following to report:

  • ‘Bad King John’ is bottom of the list.
  • ‘Old Peculier’ is at the top.
  • Considering it has been a very busy week at school I’m pleased to have completed week one.

3 thoughts on “Dedication…. #decembeer

  1. Mr Lengthorn, I have just discovered this online delight, and now see you as a form of obsessive Adrian Mole for the 21st Century. We really must meet for ale before dear Mr Christmas starts to dominates proceedings too much.

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