Spitfire #decembeer

The monthly challenge enters its second week, and after yesterday's pretty disastrous #decembeer effort, it's nice to return to a well-known, and apparently well-loved beer. Shepherd Neame's most popular and biggest-selling ale…..Spitfire….

As is normal with this month's challenge, a quick visit to the website for some background information. And the winner of the 'most nonsense about a beer's taste' goes to Spitfire:

“wonderfully generous aromas of tangy malt, soft raisins and sweet oranges,

freshened by the floral, grassy notes of three different hop varieties”

Soft raisins (yes 'soft' raisins), sweet oranges, floral grass? And all this just the aroma! Once they start describing the taste you could be mistaken it's a rollercoaster:

“the finely balanced flavour opens with a blast of rounded malt before the rousing,

almost spicy hops follow through to provide a complex, multi-layered finish”

After reading such descriptions you can imagine I was expecting something very special. Was I impressed? Well actually it was quite nice – very refreshing – more hoppy than some I think.

I do like a beer that produces a lovely creamy head!

As you can see, 8 days down and I'm beginning to sound like an expert. But in all seriousness I think I may be able to tell the different between a hoppy beer and a malty beer. As for all these amazing different fruits I should be able to taste – not a chance!!!!


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