Running and beer? #decembeer #janathon

Or maybe that should be beer and running? Either way I think the pair sit well, and complement each other.

So, in no particular order….let's talk beer….

Tonight we welcome another popular beer, from Wychwood Brewery, the world famous Hobgoblin, “a beer full of mischievous character”….

A smooth taste, definitely of the malty variety, very easy to drink, goes down the hatch very well (glad I only bought one bottle considering it is a school night). So 9 days into #decembeer and my plan to become a beer connoisseur is still hitting problems. This beer is brewed from “chocolate and crystal malts with a refreshing bitterness…and a dash of citrus aroma”. Chocolate? Can't taste it. Bitterness? Yes, obviously. Citrus aroma? I can't even smell that in this one (although that could be down to this cold I've had for the past couple of days). So still a bit of work to do before I get the call to appear on 'Saturday Kitchen' as their beer expert. Although one positive from tonight's #decembeer was that it did force me to put off working for that little bit longer.

And now…let's talk running….

With the new year fast approaching, it can mean only one thing….Janathon. This means running, logging and blogging a daily run throughout the month on January. I completed it last January, it was tough but great fun, and I actually managed to run over 130 miles in total. As well as the running it also means you get to read some fabulous blogs of people's experiences of the whole challenge. Well worth a go if you think you're man (or woman) enough!

So with running on the mind I've entered to run the Stamford Santa Fun Run next weekend, as part of the school's 'CBEC Stars' raising money for charity. Not only is it a nice local run around Burghley House, but you get to do it all dressed up as Santa, beard and all!!! Lovely jubbly!


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