Ten down…. #decembeer

The whole #decembeer shananigans has turned me into a creature of habit. After school I head to Tesco to pick up a bottle of beer and also treat myself to a Snickers bar (I'm a sucker for a bar of Snickers). So you can imagine the shock when Tesco, in the space of the last couple of days, changed the way they market their beer. No longer do you have to peruse the shelves, examining bottles, in an attempt to find what sort of beer you are after. They now have handily labeled shelves that help guide the weary #decembeer participant:

  • Light & Refreshing – from subtle fruit to lightly hopped, golden or pale, these ales are more delicate in flavour.
  • Full Flavoured & Characterful – typically amber in colour.
  • Darker & Full Bodied – defined by a more intense flavour.

So I picked a beer, can't actually remember what shelf I got it from, brewed by Skinner's Brewery in Cornwall…..may I present 'Betty Stogs'….

This beer is apparently named after the “wonderfully wicked West Cornwall folklore character” and is described as having a “light hop aroma with underlying malt”. It is quite a light refreshing beer, has a subtle smell of malt, and is an easy beer to drink. But, I think, lacks the flavour of some of the others I've tried. This beer will be easily forgotten.

Bring on #11


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