Janathon Day 9…or maybe Takeawayathon

A late run tonight because by the time I got home from work I wanted food! So, after a rather lovely steak and chips, I ventured out for what was going to be a quick mile around the block. Although by the time I got going I decided to go for a 4ish miler (to stay on track to beat last Janathon's mileage). So I headed straight into town and out the other side until I had run 2 miles and then headed back. I very rarely run through town and tonight it struck me exactly how many takeaways there are. In the space of 300 yards I ran past the following takeaway joints:

  • A Chinese
  • A pizza
  • Another pizza
  • A Chippy
  • Another Chinese
  • An Indian
  • Another Chinese
  • As well as 5 pubs/restaurants serving food

This is without the 100s that are on different roads that I didn't run on tonight. For a small market town this does seem a bit extreme, although I am partial to a takeaway, especially on a Friday night, so I suppose I shouldn't complain.


Today's mileage = 4.13


Total Janathon mileage so far = 39.78

5 thoughts on “Janathon Day 9…or maybe Takeawayathon

  1. Excellent 9 day effort thus far! If you think obesity is getting bad over there, well, you ain’t seen mainstream fatitude til you come here (USA). That said, what’s a “chippy?” I’m intrigued! 🙂

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