Janathon Day 8

Just about 25% of Janathon complete – that doesn't sound quite as bad as only 8 days in. So today after ANOTHER very long and hectic day, full of workshops and marking, followed by marking and workshops, it was time for a run. To kill two birds with one stone I headed to the woods with the dog for a 4.67 mile run.

Only tonight it was in a pair of funky new trail running shoes, purchased on ebay for a bargain price of £24. And very nice they are too.

Although the highlight of the run was seeing the biggest dog (although I use the word loosely) in the world. It was an amazing sight. As I was preparing for the run, a man, and what I can only describe as a massive beast, walked past the car. I have never, ever, seen anything like it before. This creature was huge. I failed to take a picture as I didn't want to antagonise the savage with the flash. But suffice to say that in Bourne there lives a man who is partaking in some extreme genetic experiments.

Today's mileage = 4.67

Total Janathon mileage = 35.65 (55.7 km)


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