The Hunt for the Beast Continues

New evidence suggests the Beast of Bourne is alive and well.

Yesterday more evidence came to light that the feared creature that roams Bourne Woods is alive and well. Recent discoveries of the creatures existence have been slowly increasing since 2010. The quiet South Lincolnshire market town was left reeling after the latest piece of evidence found by a runner Sunday morning.

More evidence

Strange footprint spotted

The latest piece of evidence, discovered at about 9am Sunday morning, is a footprint measuring about a metre in width. The amazing discovery was made by a local runner, Phil Lengthorn, 21, from Bourne.

“I was just running along with earphones in and listening to my favourite 80s disco tunes when I saw it!” Mr Lengthorn exclaimed. He went on to say that, “It [footprint] was huge! At least 4 feet across and clearly made by some sort of gigantic animal!”

Past sightings

This comes in a long line of past sightings that have terrorised the local residents. Recently there were rumours of strange genetic modification experiments going on in the vicinity, apparently the legacy of years of mutation discoveries on the Fens. A huge oversized doglike beast was recently reported that could well have something to do with this new batch of sightings.

Professor Malcolm, Department of Strange Sightings at Oxford University said, “We will looking into this latest piece of evidence very carefully. The recent cold weather may have caused this creature to look elsewhere for his food. Although due to the fact that this runner was taking part in Janathon and running every day of the month, he is clearly mad so we may not bother.”

In other news….

Due to adverse weather conditions today's Janathon run did not take place.



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