Day 16 #juneathon

Sunday 16th June…..Father's Day….or to put it in a simpler form….Ridiculous Mass Consumerism Day. But that didn't stop me beginning the day by taking full advantage of it (reconstruction)….

This rather slow and lazy start to the day continued until about lunchtime when a spot of shopping in Peterborough was needed: summer shoes/sandals were top of the list. There are a plethora of summer footwear around at the moment: Birkenstock, Toms, Reef, to name just a few. I nearly went for this rather groovy pair from Cushe, although at £50 I decided against it for now…..

However a beautiful pair of Toms are the way to go!

After shopping I did a bit of work: edited a video for school, marked a couple of bits and planned lessons for tomorrow. Although now the Y11s have left it does make for a slightly lighter day tomorrow; I am particularly looking forward to period 4.

And so to Juneathon….

After a couple of short runs the past couple of days I was determined to get a few miles under my belt tonight. A date at the woods was arranged. Completed over 8 miles with the help of the iPod on shuffle which made for an interesting mix tonight….here is just a flavour…

Frank Hamilton – a few tracks from Frank tonight came on, but this one particularly stuck in my head…

U2 – now I can't stand them and not entirely sure how they got on the iPod, so how about a particular attractive picture of the old rocker himself (what a mess)…

And for the sophisticated, beautiful and classy people out there, a bit of opera, Vide Cor Meum, as featured in 'Hannibal'….

A great run tonight, bringing the total Juneathon mileage to over 75 miles, so heading west from Bourne that would take me to Uttoxeter, although a break half-way at Melton Mowbray for a coffee may be required!

Today's mileage = 8.68

Total Juneathon mileage = 79.08

Mojo level = very high

Over and out…or should I say…NEVER over and NEVER out


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