Left with the kiddies!!

My sister headed off to church this morning. No, she's not a practising catholic, or a born again Christian, or into Scientology, or even a devil worshiper. The reason she has gone to church is simple. Stanley gets christened in a fortnight and she is trying to convince the vicar that she believes in God so that he will perform the ceremony.

I was left with the kiddies!

Stanley was having a nap when she left, leaving me and Grace to sit and draw in the garden….

We watched Derek on Cbeebies, I wasn't amazingly impressed with Derek, but Grace seems to think he is very cool, I just think he is a dick….

Stanley woke up after 40 mins, so we had a game of peek-a-boo…..

After that we got Stanley up on the sofa and Grace piled up 100s of toys in front of him….

…..so that we could play with the bricks…..

We somehow survived the morning in one piece. Cushty!



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