Clock Watching

It was a day of watching the rain and watching the clock.

9am. I dragged myself out of bed, looked out the window, and it wasn't raining. I should have gone running. I didn't.

10am. Breakfast and coffee. I looked out the window. It was raining. Run was therefore put on hold for a little bit longer. Shower number 1.

11am. Still raining. FaceTime with Gracie my beautiful niece. She gave me a couple of renditions of 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' before I gave her a virtual tour of the house.

Noon. Still raining. Did some marking.

1pm. Still raining. More marking.

2pm. Still raining. Cheese and coleslaw sandwiches followed by a couple of doughnuts.

3pm. It had stopped raining and a blue sky could be seen. Perfect opportunity to go for a run. I didn't. I had promised myself a couple of hours on the sofa watching the football. After the game it was the draw for the fifth round of the cup. AND, believe it or not, the mighty Charlton Athletic were in the hat. The fifth round draw normally throws up some classic encounters. We were not to be disappointed: Sheffield Wednesday vs Charlton Athletic. I sense a place in the quarter finals for my boys.

6pm. Headed for the woods for a run in the dark. Tonight's highlights:

  • I encountered a man. It was very dark. He was standing and pointing a high powered torch at me in a Nazi interrogation style. As I ran towards him he said something that I couldn't quite understand, I did have my earphones in with music blaring, for all I know it could have been 'Ve have vays of making you talk'. I just smiled and waved.
  • I banished the demons. Following last weeks falling over debacle, I ran through the very same car park, only this time I managed to stay upright.
  • I was also using a new app to track my run: Nike+. After seeing the beautiful map on Sophiebee's Blog I decided to give it go, just for a change. The voice you hear that gives you feedback on the run is an American lady. She sounds a bit more American than I'm used to with RunKeeper, also slightly more relaxed about everything. I like her.

7pm. Shower number 2. Have I mentioned that as well as Janathon I seem to be taking part in Showerathon. Dinner was jacket spuds.

8pm. I now sit here writing this blog. It is Sunday night, so the rest of the night will go something like this…

9pm. Finish marking*.

10pm. Iron shirt and trousers for the morning**.

11pm. Early night in preparation for the week ahead***.

Total Janathon mileage = 85.74

* this will probably not happen.

** this will probably not happen.

*** this will probably not happen.



  1. I think a German Frau voice might help with motivation, maybe it could be set to get you moving earlier. Hate people who wait for the rain to stop before running, will you melt if you get wet? (none of this has to do with the fact that I got soaked this am or that the sun made an appearance this afternoon just saying that’s all)

  2. Oh I hate myself for putting off a run in the hopes of the weather clearing up. Must try the Nike app. Feel like strangling Mrs Runkeeper every time I hear and Lord knows it`s never her fault.

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