Project365 #49

Often the 'photo of the day' is something pretty mundane, mainly because I had forgotten about it. Already this year we have had: me watching the TV; plates of food, sometimes even empty plates of food; and plenty of piles of marking. Today was different. Today Project365 was at the forefront of my mind. Today we had a choice:

1. After waking up pretty early I took a picture of the book I'm reading, that could easily have made Project365.

2. Popped into town for breakfast. It looked good. Took picture. That didn't make the blog.

3. I washed the car. That very rarely happens. Again, nope.

So what amazing event made day 49 of Project365 I hear you ask. What experience was important enough to be captured in a moment of digital splendour?

I sorted out the garage…

Next job: get the car in!


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