#juneathon Day 1

Here we go again. Juneathon: the challenge to run every day of June AND blog about it. 

I’ve been pretty busy recently with one thing and another, so the month of June has somewhat snuck up on me. In fact, although I knew it was 1st June, it was only when I was giving Facebook a cursory glance that I actually realised that it meant Juneathon was upon us once more. 

I’m feeling confident this time round, not based on any prior attempts, normally come 17 or 18 days into the month I’ve had enough. It’s just that this year is different: I’m attempting to run 1000 miles. So I’m already running quite a lot. Having said that, running ‘quite a lot’ is very different to running every day. In my head, Juneathon has come at just the right time, a bit of extra motivation to crack on and break the 1000 miles. 

I’m on 411 miles so far this year, which if you work out the average mileage, 2.75 miles,  you should do each day, and times that by 152 (the number of days we have had so far this year) you’d realise that I am 7 miles behind where I should be. You’d also clearly realise that I have become somewhat obsessed with the numbers. 

Anyway, moving on, today’s run was a hot sweaty 5 miles around the trails of Bourne Woods. 

Wish me luck on the rest of month.

Today’s mileage = 5