Barefoot running?

I’ve been considering getting involved in the whole barefoot running movement for the last few months, and after weeks of research: websites, articles, podcasts and YouTube videos; I’ve finally decided to take the plunge. 

I’ve ordered myself a pair of Vibram Fivefingers KSO EVOs.

I’ve read loads of articles, some negative, but most positive, talking about the benefits of barefoot running. But basically, I’m sold on the idea that it is back to basics, our feet were not designed to wear shoes, they do the job fantastically without any. 

Barefoot running strengthens your feet and allows to to run more naturally. I love the idea that it is about connecting with the ground, about freedom and feeling, about lightness, about having fun. I’m up for that!

I’m very excited to get started. I’m also feeling that halfway through the #run1000mile challenge, on 518 miles so far, that I need something to increase the motivation. I’m hoping this is it.

I’ll also be taking on advice about the barefoot running journey I am about to embark on. The first being that because of the nature of running in shoes, my feet will be weak and unaccustomed to running without shoes, I will therefore be taking it very slow. 

Shoes arrive any day now. Wish me luck. 

I will, of course, post on here my barefoot running experiences.

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