The journey begins… #fivefingers

Look what arrived today…

My first ever pair of Vibram Fivefingers; in a very fetching bright blue I might add.

Now, during my extensive research into barefoot running, and particularly running in Fivefingers, I read on numerous occasions that putting them on is the first problem you come across. 

I came across it. You see, I can’t really spread my toes at all. So the whole process was somewhat difficult. But after much wriggling and pushing and manipulating and swearing, they were on. AND looking good.

I resisted the urge to get out and run, plus I already had a prior engagement. So, the first experience of wearing the Vibram Fivefingers was at home whilst I ate dinner. Now that’s taking the whole ‘need to take it slow and steady’ to a new level. 

Tomorrow: the first actual run wearing them.

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