Another Fivefinger run…

It has been three weeks since I began this whole barefoot running thing. During that time, as I’ve been advised, I’ve been careful to have a slow transition. 

This morning was my longest run to date: 5 miles. I’m also going a bit faster than I have been lately. Everything seems to be going well, no adverse effects, calves can still be a bit sore after a run, but that might just be my age as well. 

I took Billy boy with me this morning, which meant, considering I was on the trails, that I was stuck behind him most of the way. He likes to run in front, but he struggles to keep the pace going…

We run for about 3 miles before I have to occasionally stop and let him catch-up. He’s an old git.

I’m still struggling a bit with the stoney surface on the paths at the woods. It can be quite painful if you don’t pay attention to where your feet are landing. Downhill is especially tricky when the surface is stoney.

Overall, everything is going fine. I’m slightly dropping behind my scheduled weekly mileage for the #run1000miles challenge but I’m hoping to catch-up towards the end of the year. 

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