100+ miles in September #run1000miles

It’s been a good month on the running front: 100+ miles for September. Which means this month finally saw me get through the 700 mile mark. 

2017 mileage = 714

This week I’ve put in another 25+ mile week.

  • Monday = rest
  • Tuesday = 6.4 miles at the gym
  • Wednesday = 4 miles at the woods 
  • Thursday = 4 miles at the gym
  • Friday = 3.7 miles exploring locally
  • Saturday = 7 miles – Parkrun plus a few more
  • Sunday = rest 

I’ve also tried to avoid too much running at the woods in the Fivefingers – I wanted to give my feet a rest – last week with all the dodgy surfaces I’ve been running on, it was beginning to hurt my feet a bit. 

This month I’m planning to get a bit more running on grass done – might even do a bit around the school field before leaving at the end of the day. 

The #run1000miles challenge is still within reach. I’m going to try to up the mileage in October and see if I can finally catch-up on where I should be, maybe even get ahead of the game. 


With 91 days left in 2017, the average daily mileage required to hit 1000 miles for the year is 3.1  or 27.1 miles per week. 

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