Day 9 – Ko Lanta to Ao Nang #thailand

Today we said a fond farewell to Kaw Kwang and made our way to Ao Nang.

First up was breakfast. Breakfast here has been one of those help yourself to a variety of breakfasts that catering for all: cereals, croissants, toast, pancakes, potatoes, meat, fruit, salad, other indistinguishable food stuffs, as well as the obligatory egg station.

Next it was time to pack. On the way here Helen’s rucksack had strangely gained in weight, in that it had become bloody heavy compared to mine, so we needed to sort that out. After a bit of trading we came to something that would work. My rucksack now being heavier, I am ‘the man’ of course.

We had to wait an hour between checking out and making our way to the pier. Picked a book for the boat:

So another visit to Ban Sala Dan pier – the personification of organised chaos. Where we were stickered up and placed, hopefully, on the correct ferry.

On the way to Ao Nang we dropped off and picked up a few passengers at Railay Beach (it’s on our list of places to go next week) – although dropping and picking up passengers at sea is a hair raising experience. Railay looks fantastic, looking forward to the trip there.

The boat took about 3 hours in the end, and as is the way, we ended up in the right van heading to Krabi Resort, our base for the remainder of the trip.

Krabi Resort is a pretty posh place – some would even say luxury – we were even taken to our room by cute little bell boy cart.

This evening we had a quick look round the resort before having something to eat. More tomorrow.

Day 9 – Ko Lanta. Ao Nang.

Fact of the Day: The Thai language has 44 consonants and 32 vowels. Plus six tones that are critical to pronunciation. For example, the word ‘mai’ means ‘no’, ‘wood’, ‘new’, ‘silk’ and ‘burn’, depending on which intonation you give it.

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