#project365 #154 #juneathon

That’s the face that greets me every single time I put on the running kit and lace up the trainers. Which, when you’re taking part in Juneathon and running every day of the month, you’d imagine you end up seeing quite a lot.

50% of time he is often disappointed and doesn’t actually join me on a run. The reason? Well he’s getting on a bit now and he is so god damn slow!

But this evening I caved in and we went to the woods for a little jog round. It was the usual routine, the first twenty minutes or so he’s fine, and even at a pretty slow pace, he can keep up. But the second half of the run is a different story altogether. I have to wait for him every 400yds! Which becomes quite frustrating, rest day for him tomorrow.

Juneathon Day 3 = 3.8 miles

Total in June so far = 23.9 miles


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