#project365 #155 #juneathon

Today was all about the rise of the machines.

Photocopiers hate me.

Today went something like this:

  • Photocopier one ran out of paper mid copy – none easily available – had to go fetch some.
  • Paper jam one – solved and sorted.
  • Paper jam two – solved and sorted – it was the same problem moments before.
  • Paper jam three – swore at machine and went off to find another one.
  • Photocopier two had a red light blinking at me and refused to come to life.
  • Photocopier three ran out of A3 paper halfway through second task – none easily available – had to go fetch some.

Scarpered out of school very quickly today to get to the gym for some treadmill action.

Treadmills hate me.

    Treadmill number one was unable to incline, no matter how many times I pressed the ‘incline’ button. In the end it stopped and flashed up the words ‘error comm net’, whatever that meant.
    Treadmill two was making a weird whizzing grinding sort of noise, so I jumped off that one pretty lively.
    Treadmills three and four were already taken (and appeared to be working fine).
    Which left treadmill five, the battered one in the corner, the one with the repaired belt, the one that wobbled when you run on it.

Beggars can’t be choosers – 35min at an easy pace.

Juneathon Day 4 = 3.4 miles

Juneathon total so far = 27.3 miles

3 replies on “#project365 #155 #juneathon”

Printers hate me. I’ve not had enough dealings with photocopiers to know what they think.
I’ve not had a problem with a querulous treadmill. Yet.

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