Juneathon Day 6

Nearly a week done and it’s been ok.

6 days.

6 runs.

Helped of course by the fact that I’ve been on half-term. It might not be so easy to fit the runs in next week.

It was a beautiful morning; I was out the door before 8am. Ended up doing 10km. Strava badge earned.

Plus a surprise ‘Chase the Sun – Buff Challenge’ badge – I went click crazy on Strava challenges – don’t ask.

Anyway, it turns out I get 30% off Buff products. I only thought Buff did those headband thingies that you get free at races. It turns out they do lots of other stuff too. Although…

Items from apparel and accessories and outlet sections are not included in this promotion.

I’ve deleted email.

Juneathon Totals:

Running = 24.4 miles

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