Juneathon Day 29

It was ANOTHER early morning run – these appear to be becoming a bit of a regular thing!

It was the usual slow start to the run; legs were a bit achy from yesterday’s gym session. Also, I tend to try and get to bed a bit earlier the night before – that wasn’t possible with the very exciting footy last night!

The distance I actually felt like running this morning.

It was a bit of a grey morning with the threat of rain in the air. It was a struggle to get going, but once the first half mile was done I felt a lot better. 5km done. Good practice for the weekend’s 24hr shenanigans!

It also means that I’m free to enjoy the footy later without the daily run hanging over my head. Looking forward to Eng-er-land knocking a few goals past the Germans.

It’s coming home!

A long road.

This is the last run of Juneathon, I’ll be finishing the month with another gym session after work tomorrow.

Circular driveway fountain action: nice.

Juneathon Totals:

Running = 21 days: 88.6 miles

Gym Sessions = 7

Cycling = 1 day: 7 miles

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